Tasked with creating the title sequence for this movie adaptation of the novel, I decided on the concept of "Cyber Limbo".  Based on the movie’s tone, the scientist’s wife’s coma is the driving force for majority of the plot. With multiple, overlapped footage, the creative rule for the sequence is to have five elements, changing hierarchy and emphasis. These elements are: water, architecture, MRI scans, programming code, and female body parts. These elements represent the relationships between the scientist’s wife, the power of thought, computer technology, and the concept of “limbo”.

In a near dystopian future, a Swedish scientist creates an invention that lets people access the internet through thought. At the same time, a terrorist creates a super computer virus. When the scientist’s wife tests out his invention, she gets infected by the computer virus, resulting into a coma. Now, he must do everything he can to find the terrorist and his antivirus before it’s too late.