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PINC is a one day experience that brings together inspiring and insightful people that present their stories and causes. Whether it's about helping People from all walks of life, making ingenious Ideas, protecting and sustaining Nature, or simply furthering the adventures of creativity, PINC is an amazing conference to witness.

I was privileged to lead the making of the opening video that starts the day, which is also the video that plays to resume the program after every break. While Alyssa Gibson created the concept and visual language  for this year's event, I was happy and excited to work with her and Joshua Galindo to add an extra touch of rules and themes to make the overall project stronger and easier to translate in Motion. 

We made it a point to have the open an active and continuous animation to highlight how every category (People, Ideas, Nature, and Creativty) comes together. Even more so, the use of varying scales and depths, as well as the overlapping of layers, accentuate the level of sophistication and maturity of the event and its speakers.