What once started as a challenge soon exploded into a phenomenon. Could you write a story in six words? Or at least, tease one? I loved the idea of showing a vignette of a life that we only see in seconds; especially if it's (sadly) funny. 

This is Gilbert and Milton (the cat).


This was mostly a passion project that let me try a new style and animation. Though it's not my first time cel animating, this was definitely a project that helped me be really comfortable in the program and its dynamic. 

It's also a great exercise in making a character, as well as the rest of the elements of the design. I wanted everything to be in one family and the motif of rectangles with rounded corners was a great common denominator to connect everything.

Also! a great coincidence was that my girlfriend and I adopted a grey cat by complete chance a month after I finished this! (His name's not Milton though)