Every year, the Ringling College Board of Trustees award a student from each major who best exemplify a model student through their talents, leadership, and service. This gala is an award ceremony and celebration for the awardees, the college, and all their friends and family. 

I am honored and grateful to receive this award and also be part of the design team to create all the motion elements for it. My partner Maddy Hodgetts and I worked together to create a show open and a bumper to introduce every scholar. Under the design language and concept of Silpa Joe (also the Graphic Design Trustee Awardee), we had a great time working together as a team. We also had the help of Nicole diLeo to animate a number of bumpers as well. Kelly Warner was a great help for creating the audio for everything. 


The concept for this year was based on the words "Full Steam" a phrase that exemplified the scholars' industrious, innovative, and fervent personalities. Even more so, the graphic style that accompanies it is a quirky, clever arrangement of classic illustrations to reveal it in a more modern scene.

The Show Open was designed and animated all by myself. It was a really fun challenge to pick up Silpa's design style and make my own frames with it, as well as figure out how to animate it! 

I figured with a style that is so intuitively organized, I would use type to centralize the designs and base the choice of elements from. Using match cuts and taking advantage of the directions of motion of the elements, I wanted to make the whole open continuously flowing.

And yes, (even if you didn't ask) every little dot and element in the letters of Full Steam was animated separately.


While the Show Open was my main focus of the project, I also jumped in to help animate four full bumpers, all type resolutions, as well as do all the green screen keying. Maddy was a super great partner to have to design all the fun scenes and cuts for even more fun animation!